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Recovery and Restructuring

Recovery and Restructuring

Having no control on the economic context, companies are often faced with situations that could jeopardize their financial health. They must quickly implement strategies to regain control of their finances.

The advisors of BLT Lapointe & Associates Inc. will help you identify the problem, determine the best steps to take to correct the causes and ensure a stable rehabilitation towards success. We make a diagnosis of the company, an evaluation of the organizational structure, an analysis of the management in place and more, to propose and implement recommendations that will enable you to resolve your difficulties.

On a financial plan, our experts will be able to guide you to improve your cost structure, the refinancing of your debts as well as managing your liquidity and your assets.

The advisors of BLT Lapointe & Associates Inc. are able to prepare plans to help the sustainability or recovery of your business, be it in a merger or a restructuring involving the establishment of a new Board of Directors.