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Business Services

Business Services

The Difference at BLT Lapointe & Associés Inc.

Managing a business in today’s economic environment can sometimes prove complex. If you believe you are facing financial problems, the team at BLT Lapointe & Associés Inc. can help. In addition to being specialized in asset administration and optimization, our professionals will offer you sound corporate bankruptcy advice. Whether it is for a business proposal or commercial bankruptcy in the Montreal or Laval region, contact us to receive personalized services and all the assistance you need to get out of the red.

Call on Our Professionals for:

  • Commercial bankruptcy
  • Bankruptcy proposal
  • Recovery and restructuring

A Human Approach

You will get expert advice, coordination and support services as well as valuable information. We know that your situation is delicate and that every detail can make a critical difference. That's why we propose a solution in several steps. You will know exactly what to expect throughout the process. Our goal is to ensure you have true peace of mind.

Trust a Specialized, Structured and Multidisciplinary Team

We use a clear, standardized management protocol. We provide you with turnkey services (bankruptcy proposal, recovery, restructuring and commercial bankruptcy) in a reassuring environment. Since companies have no control over the economy, businesses can often face situations that could jeopardize their financial well-being. When that happens, they need to act quickly and implement strategies to regain control over their operations or finances.

Like commercial bankruptcy, bankruptcy proposals and restructuring are extremely painstaking processes. It is crucial to choose the right advisors who will optimize the value of your company, while respecting both the company owners and the creditors.