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4 Tips on How to Deal with Personal Bankruptcy

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Have you decided it is best for you to declare bankruptcy? We know it's not easy, but rest assured: once you are rid of your debt problems, you'll feel relieved to be able to start anew. At BLT Lapointe & Associés Inc. (in Brossard, Longueuil, Laval, Saint-Jérôme and several other municipalities), we want to share these 4 tips that will help you get through your personal bankruptcy experience more easily.

  1. Carefully Follow the Recommendations of Your Authorized Insolvency Trustee

    Among the stages of personal bankruptcy, there are two mandatory consultations during which your authorized insolvency trustee will appoint a financial redress advisor to help you make a realistic budget. Closely follow all the recommendations made by these professionals to better manage your money and get your finances in hand as quickly as possible.
  2. Change Your Spending Habits

    Do you buy your coffee every morning? Do you eat at restaurants rather than bring your own lunch? Are you an impulsive shopper? Do you pay for unlimited internet and hundreds of TV channels you don’t use? Now is the time to evaluate your spending habits and make some positive changes to keep more money in your pocket. Bankruptcy is the perfect opportunity to adopt new habits and spend less!
  3. Talk About Your Financial Difficulties with Your Spouse and Children

    A personal bankruptcy will certainly cause changes in your lifestyle. Talk things over with your spouse and children. Do not be afraid to explain the adjustments you need to make to regain your financial freedom. Above all, avoid making it a taboo subject. Your authorized insolvency trustee will show you how to prevent financial problems, and your whole family will benefit from it!
  4. Seek Help if You Have Problems with Gambling, Alcohol, or Drugs

    Sometimes excessive debt problems leading to personal bankruptcy are the result of gambling, alcohol or drug addiction. If this is the case, take steps to get help from a professional or self-help group that will provide support to help you deal with your addiction and prevent relapse.

Recovering your financial stability takes time and perseverance: be patient! Also, be aware that you are not alone. At BLT Lapointe & Associés Inc., we are here for you. Give us a call!