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3 mistakes that could lead you to bankruptcy

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“Me? Bankrupt? Never! That’s the type of thing that only happens to other people!” And yet… At BLT Lapointe & Associates Inc., we’ve seen numerous clients from Montreal and Laval who were forced to declare bankruptcy. Here are three common mistakes that could lead anyone—even you!—to some dire financial straits.

How to use credit wisely and avoid indebtedness

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If you’re unfamiliar with the way credit works, it can be a bit daunting to hear stories of crippling debt, even bankruptcy, related to this method of payment. At BLT Lapointe & Associates Inc., your financial advisors in Montreal and Laval, we believe that credit is a fantastic way to pay your way through life—as long as you don’t fall into certain traps.

What to do when bankruptcy is inevitable

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Going into bankruptcy is a huge decision for any individual or business. Before you decide to declare bankruptcy (, you or your Montreal business should consult with professional debt consultants to do everything you can to avoid it, and the onerous penalties that it involves.

Start your budget off on the right foot in 2018

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Start your budget off on the right foot in 2018 Do you dream of eliminating your debts, putting a little money aside for a rainy day and finally taking control of your finances? 2018 is the time to act and turn your dream into a reality. At BLT Lapointe & Associates Inc., we can help you reach your financial goals

Pay off your student loans: our 3 debt management tips

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Your studies are complete, and if everything goes according to plan, you’ll have your diploma in hand in a few months. This is an exciting point in your life. But the end of an academic career usually goes hand in hand with the beginning of student loan reimbursement. At BLT Lapointe & Associates Inc., we regularly help clients deal with their student debt.

Debt consolidation for individuals: what you need to know in Montreal

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Consolidating your debts is a good solution to consider if you’re having problems with your finances. But be careful: choosing to consolidate your debts doesn’t come without risk, so it’s important to exercise caution before committing to a particular financial institution. What kind of risks?

4 Tips on How to Deal with Personal Bankruptcy

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Have you decided it is best for you to declare bankruptcy? We know it's not easy, but rest assured: once you are rid of your debt problems, you'll feel relieved to be able to start anew. At BLT Lapointe & Associés Inc. (in Brossard, Longueuil, Laval, Saint-Jérôme and several other municipalities), we want to share these 4 tips that will help you get through your personal bankruptcy experience.